Update on Fall Plans

Dear City Colleges Community:

We are committed to both serving our student population and maintaining the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. With that in mind, we want to share more about our approach to fall classes and services. CCC welcomes all students for the fall term and in order to best serve all students, some limited in-person services and in-person instruction are required.

Most classes and services will be remote. This fall, City Colleges is offering more than 80 percent of our credit courses remotely or online. All adult education courses will be offered via distance learning. In addition, all student services are available remotely. We are proud that we have been able to serve many students well with our remote offerings and are confident that we will be able to offer them to our students again this fall.

Limited CTE Classes will be held in-person. The courses not available online are primarily Career Technical Education courses that require full or partial in-person delivery due to the hands-on experiences as required in the curriculum. This summer, we successfully and safely completed most hands-on courses from spring semester that had to be paused when we went remote in March. Our students need these courses to advance towards their careers. We will serve these students again with social distancing in place this fall as health conditions allow.

CCC will offer limited in-person services during peak enrollment. While most of our students can be served remotely, we must recognize that the remote offerings do not always effectively support every student. A subset of our students is best served in-person. These students may be entering college for the first time, have language barriers, or limited technology experience. Among recent survey respondents, 31% of students planning to enroll in fall courses stated that they may prefer to enroll in person or didn’t know how they would enroll. As an open access institution, we are committed to serving every student who comes to us. Our plans for limited in-person services seek to provide these students access to college in a safe manner. As one prospective student told us:

“I am 100% new to all this so I have no prior knowledge of how any of this works except for the vast amounts of things I can research which is very time consuming. I’m sure it would be a lot quicker to find answers if I can just speak with someone.”

We cannot let students like this fall through the cracks.

To serve these students, each of our college plans calls for limited in-person student services to be offered, in particular during the peak registration period through August 20th. City Colleges typically sees 20-25% of its enrollment during this two-week time period.

As we move beyond the peak enrollment period, on August 21, all student services will return to remote delivery with the exception of computer labs and limited in-person tutoring embedded in face-to-face classes. Our colleges will remain open for our limited face-to-face classes, as study spaces, and for technology and Wi-Fi use in the computer labs.

Our Safety Plan.

We have developed a comprehensive safety plan for any in-person classes or services taking place on our campuses.

We require facial coverings, health self-screening in advance of building entry, strict social distancing, and we encourage service appointments. Additionally, our facilities have been equipped with Plexiglass barriers at all areas of interaction between employees and the public, disposable face masks are available at every entrance for those who arrive without a mask, and our facilities undergo regular cleaning and disinfecting.

The inflow of outdoor air has been increased at each CCC facility. Air ventilation systems at all CCC buildings are started at least one hour prior to public opening to allow for fresh air change-over before occupancy each day. Increasing outside air comes with the tradeoff of making it harder to cool buildings in the summertime. Slightly higher summer indoor temperatures are expected.

Our plan has been reviewed by experts from the Chicago Department of Public Health, and follows the standards and recommendations of the Illinois and Chicago Departments of Public Health (IDPH and CDPH), the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We’re grateful to CDPH, who collaborated with us on, reviewed, and approved our re-opening plans and ongoing COVID-related communications. According to CDPH Commissioner Arwady, “The Chicago Department of Public Health appreciates this thoughtful and very thorough planning process. Every educational institution is different and we agree this is the safest path for City Colleges.”

We recognize that the best plans need to be executed. Each college was visited on multiple occasions prior to their re-opening to ensure compliance, and the City Colleges leadership team continues to visit colleges to ensure adherence to our plans. Our college Presidents are committed to diligence regarding oversight, implementation and compliance with these plans. Compliance, of course, also requires that each of us follow the rules. For a reminder of our COVID-19 facility policies, please see the overview here.

We want to thank everyone for working together in unprecedented circumstances to help our students reach their goals while maintaining a healthy and safe City Colleges community.

Thank you,
Juan Salgado

Mark Potter

College & District Re-opening Plans

Dear City Colleges Community:

Ensuring the health and safety of our college community and supporting our students in reaching their academic goals are our top priorities.

Over the last several weeks, our colleges and district team have worked to develop re-opening plans found here that will allow City Colleges to offer a limited number of classes and select student services in-person, and will also allow our colleges to serve as study spaces for students this fall.

These plans are guided by standards and recommendations of the Illinois and Chicago Departments of Public Health (IDPH and CDPH), the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The plans are also iterative — they will evolve as conditions and public health guidelines demand and as we receive thoughtful feedback from the City Colleges community. We thank the cross-functional teams who worked collaboratively to develop these plans.

Plan Highlights:

• Re-Opening: Updates:
o Course Delivery: The delivery method (remote, in-person, etc.) of specific classes is outlined in the college plans.
o Registration & Student Services: Colleges will open for in-person registration and select services (which vary by college) on August 3rd. For specific services offered and whether appointments are needed (most on-campus service will operate via appointment), please consult your college plan. All services will also continue to be offered virtually and can be reached at: www.ccc.edu/vss.
o Open Spaces: Libraries and computer labs will be open to provide students with quiet study areas and access to technology. Expect reduced occupancy and hours.

• Re-Opening: Healthy Practices
o One-time Form: Prior to arriving at your college or district office location for the first time, all faculty, staff and students are required to complete the one-time form at my.ccc.edu.
o Self-Screening: Conduct a daily self-screening before coming to any CCC facility and do not come to school or work if you are sick or have COVID-19-like symptoms. If you have been directed to quarantine by your employer, a medical professional or public health official for any reason including due to close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, you may not come to school or work until the period of the directed quarantine is complete. If you are subject to quarantine due to a City of Chicago Emergency Travel Order upon return from travel to a high-risk location, you may not come to school or work until 14 days from the time of last contact in the identified location. Use www.ccc.edu/healthcheck on your mobile device for the daily self-screening and the quickest facility entry.
o Face Covering: Wear a face covering at all times in CCC facilities (with reasonable exceptions for times such as eating, drinking, etc.). CCC will provide a limited number of washable, reusable cloth face coverings to all faculty and staff, as well as to those students that have a face-to-face component of instruction in the fall 2020 semester.
o Social Distance:
 Maintain 6 Feet: Maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others as much as feasible; respect others who ask for more space
 Barriers: Plexiglass will be installed in areas of frequent interaction between employees and the public.
 Workstations: Employee workstations will be at least 6 feet apart, wherever possible. Where workstations are less than the required distance, staggered or rotating in-person vs. telework schedules to minimize close contact may be utilized.
 Student Seating: In-person classes will adhere to at least 6 feet between student seats, as well as between the students and faculty member. The occupancy of any classroom will also be limited to 25% of standard occupancy (percentage subject to change as Chicago moves through the phases of recovery and based on CDPH guidance) and be capped at 50 individuals.
 Plan Ahead: Minimize in-person meetings, do not pop in on your colleagues or instructors unannounced or unscheduled.
o Hygiene:
 Wash Your Hands: Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially when you first arrive at work or school. Use hand sanitizer placed throughout the colleges when handwashing is not possible. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
 Clean Surfaces: Use sanitizing supplies to wipe down your own seat or work area before and after use
 Supply Locations: Hygiene supplies (e.g., hand sanitizer) will be placed in high-use areas, such as facility main entrances, adjacent to timeclocks, as well as in conference centers, cafeterias and other common areas.
 Routine Disinfecting: CCC’s facilities teams will conduct ongoing cleaning and disinfecting routines in accordance with CDC guidelines.
o Follow City Colleges’ Guidelines: A comprehensive list of City Colleges-wide guidelines should be viewed here.
• Re-Opening: Outbreak Response Plan
o Steps for the COVID Positive:
 Stay Home: If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you must stay home and cannot return to school or work until:
 at least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared; and,
 at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since your fever has resolved (i.e. no fever without the use of fever reducing medications) and your other symptoms are improving.
 For example, if you have a fever and coughing for 7 days, you need to stay home 3 more days with no fever for a total of 10 days. Or, if you have a fever and coughing for 8 days, you need to stay home 3 more days with no fever for a total of 11 days.
 Notification:
 Students that contract COVID-19 should contact the Office of Student Services at their college. Student Services will coordinate support as needed, including presentation of options from the COVID-19 academic policy. Student Services will also inform the District Office Department of Safety and Security, which will coordinate response in consultation with the Chicago Department of Public Health.
 Employees that contract COVID-19 should contact their Human Resources Business Partner. The HR Business Partner will provide details on COVID-19 leave policies and inform the District Office Department of Safety and Security, which will coordinate response in consultation with the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Reading the plan highlights above does not take the place of reading your specific college or district plan and the comprehensive CCC-wide guidelines. We ask that you take the time to review this information at https://prepare.ccc.edu/reopening-plans/, and send any feedback or questions to your college president or to covid19@ccc.edu.

Thank you for your partnership and patience in these unprecedented times as we all work to provide students with a quality education in a safe environment.

Thank you,
Juan Salgado, Chancellor
Mark Potter, Provost
David Anthony, Associate Vice Chancellor, Administrative Services

Plans for Fall

Dear City Colleges Community:

To protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, we anticipate more than 80 percent of City Colleges classes will be offered remotely or online this fall. This approach aims to care for the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff while helping our students meet their academic and career goals.
Approximately 20 percent of classes will be offered on-campus face to face, either fully or as blended face-to-face/remote classes. These are limited to classes in which hands-on experiences are essential to meeting course requirements, or to classes in which student learning and retention can benefit from face-to-face instruction. In all cases, face-to-face instruction will be undertaken only as public health conditions allow and with social distancing in place.

Students can look up specific classes and their delivery methods in the ”class notes” section of the Fall class schedule. Online courses will continue to be offered by Harold Washington College and available to all City Colleges students, consistent with past semesters. The deadline to register for Fall 16-week credit classes is August 20th.

New this fall, our student services will be offered both remotely, online, and in person, with social distancing measures in place, so students can get access to help from wherever they are.

Also, our colleges will be open this fall for students who want to come in to take advantage of a quiet place to study and use technology resources, again with proper precautions.

We will provide more detailed return and reopening plans, but we wanted to share this overall direction now.

Please don’t hesitate to direct any questions to covid19@ccc.edu and we will incorporate answers into follow up communications.

Thank you,
Juan Salgado, Chancellor
Mark Potter, Provost

Chicago Resiliency Fund for Those Not Eligible for Federal COVID-19 Financial Assistance

Dear City Colleges community,

Last week, Mayor Lightfoot, in partnership with the Resurrection Project and the Open Society Foundations, announced the Chicago Resiliency Fund – an up to $5 million cash assistance program to support the more than 300,000 Chicago residents who were excluded from federal stimulus aid in response to COVID-19. Eligible Chicagoans include but are not limited to undocumented individuals, mixed-status families, dependent adults and returning residents.

If you were not eligible for CARES Act funds, please visit resurrectionproject.org/chicagofund to learn more about ways to apply for assistance through the Chicago Resiliency Fund. Applications will begin to be accepted June 22nd.

You may also donate to the fund at that same web address.

Thank you,
City Colleges of Chicago

Forms to Complete Before Entering a City Colleges Facility

Dear CCC Community:

As students, faculty and staff return to our facilities to complete Spring courses and continue other essential duties, we are introducing a new process to ensure that everyone is taking the necessary health precautions to keep one another safe. These processes go into effect on Monday, June 22nd and apply to those entering a City Colleges facility.

STEP 1 (Applies to: Faculty, staff and students):

Before entering a City Colleges facility, you will need to complete a one-time form found at my.ccc.edu. Instructions on how to complete the form are available here.

STEP 2 (Applies to: Faculty, staff, students, community members and guests):

In addition, on the days you plan to enter a City Colleges facility, prior to arrival, you will be asked to attest to your health using the checklist at www.ccc.edu/healthcheck.

Upon arrival at the facility, you will be asked to show the composite result of this check list (a pass or fail screen with date stamp) to the security staff. Only those people with a pass screen with a current date stamp will be able to enter the facility.

More details, including plans for the fall semester, will be shared as they are finalized. If you have any questions in the meantime, please pose them to your college president or email covid19@ccc.edu.

Thank you,

Juan Salgado
City Colleges of Chicago

No Credit Opt-In Information

Dear City Colleges community,

Due to the COVID-19 situation this spring semester, credit students can choose the “No Credit” option for any of their classes, where a final grade has not been awarded.

What does opting in to “No Credit” mean?
If you opt-in to take the No Credit option, at the end of the semester, any “D” or “F” grade will turn into a “No Credit (NC),” but any “C,” “B,” or “A” will remain as the official grade for the term. This option is only available for classes where grades have not been posted by May 9, 2020.

How does a student opt in?
Students must opt in by Saturday, May 9th and can do so by logging in to my.ccc.edu > Academic Records and following the steps in this help guide. Once a final grade is posted, students cannot change their grade to “No Credit”.

Additional Help
In addition to this step-by-step help guide, you can view an information session that took place on Monday, April 27th.

Thank you,
City Colleges of Chicago

City Colleges: Remote instruction continues through the end of the Spring semester/La educación remota continúa hasta el final del semestre de primavera

Dear CCC Community:

Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope you had a much-needed opportunity to recover from the last few weeks.

We want to update you on our timeline for the rest of the semester.

Please note that City Colleges facilities remain closed. We will continue with remote instruction in credit classes through the end of the Spring semester on May 9th, and we will continue with Adult Education distance learning classes through the end of the Adult Education semester on May 10th.

Keep up the great work!

Chancellor Salgado
Provost Potter

Estimada comunidad de CCC:

¡Feliz regreso a clases después de las vacaciones de primavera! Esperamos que hayan tenido la oportunidad de recuperarse de las últimas semanas.

Queremos actualizarlo en nuestros planes para el resto del semestre.

Tenga en cuenta que las instalaciones de City Colleges permanecen cerradas. Continuaremos con la educación remota en las clases de crédito universitario hasta finalizar el semestre de primavera el 9 de mayo. Las clases de Educación para Adultos continuarán siendo a distancia hasta finalizar el semestre el 10 de mayo.

¡Continúen el buen trabajo!


Chancellor Salgado
Provost Potter

Need an Internet Connection? Students Can Apply Now for a Loaner Wi-Fi Hotspot/¿Necesitas una conexión a Internet? Los estudiantes que necesiten pueden solicitar el préstamo de un punto de acceso WiFi (hotspot)

(Texto en español abajo.)
Dear CCC Community:

Students lacking an internet connection are encouraged to apply for a loaner Wi-Fi hotspot, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, students should complete the form here or call 773-COLLEGE and leave a message.

Loaner laptops are also still available and can be applied for using the same form.

Thank you,
City Colleges Office of Information Technology

¿Necesitas una conexión a Internet? Los estudiantes que necesiten pueden solicitar el préstamo de un punto de acceso WiFi (hotspot)

Estimada comunidad de CCC:

Los estudiantes que carecen de conexión a Internet pueden solicitar el préstamo de un punto de acceso WiFi (hotspot). La disponibilidad de estos equipos se tramita en base al orden en que son pedidos. Para aplicar, los estudiantes deben completar el formulario que se encuentra aquí o llamar al 773-COLLEGE y dejar un mensaje.

El préstamo de computadoras portátiles también está disponible y se pueden solicitar usando el mismo formulario.

Oficina de Tecnología de la Información de City Colleges of Chicago

Student Policies Approved by City Colleges Board of Trustees

Dear City Colleges Students:

At April’s Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the following academic policy changes in light of the COVID-19 situation.

We are committed to supporting you as you finish the semester. We believe these new policies will help you complete in a timely fashion, but also provide you with a relief valve if the circumstances prove overwhelming.

New COVID-19 Academic Policies
• If a credit student believes they may not get a final grade of C or higher in their class, they can opt into a NC (no credit) option prior to the end of the semester. Then, if their final grade is a D or F, that grade will convert to an NC; if the final grade is a C, B, or A, the letter grade will stand.
• Any credit student who completes the semester and is not satisfied with their grade has one year for a no-cost re-take.
• If a credit student needs to take one or more classes off their plate now, they can withdraw from class(es) and will have one year for a no-cost retake. It is recommended that students talk to an advisor before initiating any withdrawal from a course.
• Credit students in courses that may not complete because of lab or hands-on learning components may take a COVID-Incomplete that would allow them to pick up where they left off, once they can access our buildings, for that lab or hands-on experience.
• You can read the Academic Policy Board Resolution here

Students should check back at prepare.ccc.edu, Brightspace, and their portals for more information as it becomes available.

These policies are another step in our effort to support you through this challenging time.

Thank you,

Chancellor Juan Salgado

Provost Mark Potter

Adult Education Students: Using Your City Colleges Email Account/Uso de su cuenta de correo electrónico de City Colleges

Texto en español abajo

Dear Adult Education student,

We are excited to see you back in class the week of Monday, April 13th. Remember, all adult education classes will take place via distance-learning (Brightspace, Zoom, emails, calls) and not in the classroom.

We want to make sure you are set up with your City Colleges email. When you registered for classes, you received an email to your personal email account with your City Colleges student ID and username.

If you forgot or do not know your username? No problem. Follow these simple steps:
1. Click here to begin accessing your username
2. Enter in your CCC ID number and birthdate and click “Next”

If you need to register your password and create challenge questions? Follow these simple steps:
1. Click here to begin registering your password or creating challenge questions in case you forget your password.

If you have your username, but forgot your password? No problem. Follow these simple steps:
1. Go to https://passwordreset.ccc.edu to reset your password
2. Enter in your username followed by @student.ccc.edu if you are a student.
3. Click Next
4. Choose an option to confirm your identity
o You can choose to have a unique code sent to your personal email address
o You can choose to have a unique code sent to your personal mobile phone via text message
o You can answer security questions if you had previously registered your password (instructions how to do this after you’ve recovered your password is below)
5. Enter in the code you received via email or text message and click “Next”
6. Enter in your new password using at least 8 characters, a capitalized number, and either a number or special character (password requirements are listed on the top of the page in this step for reference)
7. Confirm your new password by retyping it
8. Remember your new password and do not give your password to anyone

If you need help with this process, please call City Colleges Technology Help Desk at 773-COLLEGE or email cohelpdesk@ccc.edu.

Thank you,
City Colleges of Chicago

Asunto: Uso de su cuenta de correo electrónico de City Colleges

Querido estudiante,

Estamos contentos de verte de vuelta en clase la semana del lunes 13 de abril. Recuerda, todas las clases de educación para adultos se llevarán a cabo a través del aprendizaje a distancia (Brightspace, Zoom, correos electrónicos, llamadas) y no en el aula.

Queremos asegurarnos de que estés configurado con tu correo electrónico de City Colleges. Cuando te registraste para las clases, recibiste un correo electrónico a tu cuenta de correo electrónico personal con tu numero de identificación y nombre de usuario de City Colleges.

¿Olvidaste o no sabes tu nombre de usuario? No hay problema. Sigue estos pasos:
Haz clic aquí para comenzar a acceder a tu nombre de usuario
Ingresa tu número de identificación de CCC y fecha de nacimiento y haga clic en “Siguiente”

¿Necesitas registrar tu contraseña y crear preguntas de desafío? Sigue estos sencillos pasos:
Haz clic aquí para comenzar a registrar tu contraseña o crear preguntas de desafío en caso de que olvides tu contraseña.

Tienes tu nombre de usuario, pero ¿olvidaste tu contraseña? No hay problema. Sigue estos pasos:
1. Ve a https://contrasena.ccc.edu/ o haz clic aquí para restablecer tu contraseña
2. Ingresa tu nombre de usuario seguido de @ student.ccc.edu si eres un estudiante.
3. Haz clic en Siguiente
4. Elije una opción para confirmar tu identidad.
• Puedes elegir que se te envíe un código único a tu dirección de correo electrónico personal
• Puedes elegir que se te envíe un código único a tu teléfono móvil personal por mensaje de texto
• Puedes responder preguntas de seguridad si previamente habías registrado tu contraseña (las instrucciones sobre cómo hacerlo después de recuperar tu contraseña se encuentran a continuación)
5. Ingresa el código que recibiste por correo electrónico o mensaje de texto y haz clic en “Siguiente”
6. Ingresa tu nueva contraseña con al menos 8 caracteres, un número en mayúscula y un número o un carácter especial (los requisitos de contraseña se enumeran en la parte superior de la página en este paso como referencia)
7. Confirma tu nueva contraseña volviéndola a escribir
8. Recuerda tu nueva contraseña y no le des tu contraseña a nadie

Si necesitas ayuda con este proceso, llama al servicio de asistencia tecnológica de City Colleges al 773-265-5343 o envía un correo electrónico a cohelpdesk@ccc.edu.

City Colleges of Chicago