Spring Semester at City Colleges of Chicago

Dear City Colleges Community:

With the opening of spring registration this week, we wanted to remind everyone that we will continue teaching and learning next semester as we have done this semester.

Most classes and services will be remote

As we have done this fall, this coming spring semester City Colleges will offer more than 80 percent of our credit courses remotely or online.

We anticipate that adult education courses will be offered via distance learning, pending ICCB approval of a submitted extension request.

In addition, student services will continue to be available remotely at www.ccc.edu/vss.

We are proud that we have been able to serve many students well with our remote offerings and are confident that we will be able to offer them to our students again this spring.

New designation for remote courses in the credit class schedule

Please note there will be a slight difference in terminology on the spring credit class schedule.

In place of the word “remote,” students will see the phrase “online live” or “online.”
• “Online live” signifies classes that have days and times when students can expect class sessions to be held live.
• Traditional “online” denotes classes that are held primarily asynchronously, which may be viewed at any point during the respective class week at a student’s convenience.

Limited CTE, lab, or studio classes will be held in-person for at least some of the semester
The courses not available online require full or partial in-person delivery due to the hands-on experiences called for in the curriculum. Our students need these courses to advance towards their goals.
will serve these students again with social distancing in place as health conditions allow.

Our colleges will remain open for our limited face-to-face classes, as study spaces, and for technology and Wi-Fi use.

As a reminder for your reference, comprehensive safety plans for the colleges can be viewed here:


Registration opens for all credit students on Wednesday, November 4th at my.ccc.edu.

Should you have any questions, please send them to covid19@ccc.edu or direct them to your college president.

Thank you all for working together in unprecedented circumstances to maintain a healthy and safe City Colleges community.

Thank you,
Juan Salgado

Mark Potter