Need an Internet Connection? Students Can Apply Now for a Loaner Wi-Fi Hotspot/¿Necesitas una conexión a Internet? Los estudiantes que necesiten pueden solicitar el préstamo de un punto de acceso WiFi (hotspot)

(Texto en español abajo.) Dear CCC Community: Students lacking an internet connection are encouraged to apply for a loaner Wi-Fi hotspot, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply, students should complete the form here or call 773-COLLEGE and leave a message. Loaner laptops are also still available and can be applied for […]

CCC classes continue remotely this week/Las clases de CCC continúan de forma remota esta semana

Texto en español abajo Dear City Colleges community, Don’t forget that City Colleges classes resume this week! City Colleges is here to support you as you finish the semester strong – don’t hesitate to continue to ask for help when you need it. You can see a list of students services being offered online at […]

Student Policies Approved by City Colleges Board of Trustees

Dear City Colleges Students: At April’s Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the following academic policy changes in light of the COVID-19 situation. We are committed to supporting you as you finish the semester. We believe these new policies will help you complete in a timely fashion, but also provide you with a relief […]

Adult Education Students: Using Your City Colleges Email Account/Uso de su cuenta de correo electrónico de City Colleges

Texto en español abajo Dear Adult Education student, We are excited to see you back in class the week of Monday, April 13th. Remember, all adult education classes will take place via distance-learning (Brightspace, Zoom, emails, calls) and not in the classroom. We want to make sure you are set up with your City Colleges […]

Spring Break Starts Monday, April 6th /Las vacaciones de primavera comienzan el lunes 6 de abril

Texto en español abajo Dear City Colleges community, Next week is Spring Break, which means there will be no classes in session. Both credit classes and Adult Education classes will begin again — taking place remotely — the week of April 13th. City Colleges locations remain closed. You can stay informed with the latest CCC […]

Student Policies & Revised Tuition Recommendation To Be Considered at Upcoming Board Meeting

Dear CCC Community: At the upcoming Board Meeting on Thursday, we will be asking the Board of Trustees to consider recommendations in two key areas – tuition and academic policies – in light of the COVID-19 situation. We are committed to supporting students as they finish out the semester. In addition to the academic, social-emotional, […]