每周提供疫苗接种或检测证明 根据伊利诺伊州的规定,所有在校园内工作或学习的教职员工和学生必须出示充分接种疫苗的证明,或者必须每周进行一次检测。违反此规定将受到处罚,包括员工停职和解雇,以及学生停课。请将你的疫苗接种卡照片上传到my.ccc.edu 的学生或员工门户网站。 新检测提供商 截至 2021 年 10 月 4 日星期一,NorthShore Clinical Labs将提供城市学院的 COVID 检测。首次预约之前,你需要使用此处的链接进行预注册。    请使用下表右侧的链接预约每周检测。 学院 接种地点 接种时间  注册链接  Daley 大厅和 LL一楼 星期一上午 9 时至下午 5 时 星期二下午 12 时至下午 8 时 星期三下午 12 时至下午 8 时 星期四上午 9 时至下午 5 时 https://bit.ly/COVIDTESTING-Daley Kennedy-King W-278 https://bit.ly/COVIDTESTING-KennedyKing Harold Washington 102 室  https://bit.ly/COVIDTESTING-HaroldWashtington Malcolm X […]

Phase 5 at City Colleges of Chicago

The State of Illinois and the City of Chicago entered phase 5 of COVID-19 reopening on Friday, June 11. In phase 5, the State and City have moved into a phase with all sectors of the economy reopened. City Colleges continues to follow the guidance of the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH). Accordingly, as of June 16, 2021, there will […]

All Individuals Over the Age of 16 Are Eligible for Vaccination

City Colleges Students, Faculty and Staff As of today, April 19, all residents of the City of Chicago over the age of 16 are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine!  Vaccination is an important means of protection against the COVID-19 virus and is key to allowing us to re-emerge from the pandemic. Below we outline several […]

Summer and Fall 2021 Registration Is Underway – Get Started Today!

Registration is underway for summer and fall courses at City Colleges of Chicago! Why register now? You’ll have the best chance of getting the classes you want at the times you want. You’ll have more time to meet with your advisor and make any adjustments you need to your plans. You can cross registration off […]

Spring Semester at City Colleges of Chicago

Dear City Colleges Community: With the opening of spring registration this week, we wanted to remind everyone that we will continue teaching and learning next semester as we have done this semester. Specifically: Most classes and services will be remote As we have done this fall, this coming spring semester City Colleges will offer more […]

Update on Fall Plans

Dear City Colleges Community: We are committed to both serving our student population and maintaining the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. With that in mind, we want to share more about our approach to fall classes and services. CCC welcomes all students for the fall term and in order to best […]