Guidance on COVID-19 Executive Order No. 8

Dear CCC Community:

City Colleges continues to move to remote learning, and that move is consistent with the state’s new executive order found here.

As you know, we are working quickly to transition to remote learning, and we will continue to work to decrease the number of essential workers needed to make this transition.

All City Colleges facilities are closed to the public, including students.  With the exception of essential staff, no faculty or staff are permitted to work on campus through, at least, April 20.  Currently, essential staff has been identified as: engineers, janitors, security, IT personnel, mailroom/central stores personnel, accounts payable, treasury and other key administrators.  Everyone else is working remotely.

As a reminder, no classes will be held in-person through April 20th.  No student services will be offered in-person through April 20th.  Instead, starting Monday, March 23rd, classes will be delivered remotely online, with the exception of the classes on pause. A list of credit classes on pause can be found here.  For classes on pause, an instructor will reach out to students with more information.  Free adult education classes (GED, ESL, and adult basic education classes) were on pause until March 30th, per the Illinois Community College Board and will remain so until further notice. Most student services will be available remotely online, with more information to come.

Spring Break will be held the week of April 6th, as originally scheduled.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility in this rapidly changing situation.

Chancellor Salgado & Provost Potter