Dear City Colleges Faculty and Staff:

Given the changes of the last 48 hours, we are working to adjust by giving you as many flexible work options as possible. We are also actively listening to your concerns. Rest assured, we will work through this together and come out stronger and more resilient on the other side.

The purpose of this email is to review many HR/employee related topics.  We ask you to read the entire email fully.  There is a great deal of very important information here.

We are doing everything possible to communicate in this quickly changing environment.  Please bear with us during this process.  If once you have read the full email, you have questions we ask that you direct them to your supervisor on Monday.

Next Week for All Faculty & Staff



With the exception of adult educators and adjuncts, all other faculty and staff should report to work as usual on Monday.

For all Part-Time (non-faculty) and Student Workers: you should either report to work on Monday or if you are not scheduled for Monday, please contact your supervisor on Monday for instruction/discussion of how to proceed.   Even if your functional area is not serving students on Monday, please come in to ensure a smooth transition.

CRITICAL:  Before the end of the day on Monday, please submit all transactions necessary for the pay period that closed on Friday, March 13.  This will allow us to process the current payroll cycle without disruption.

TUESDAY, MARCH 17th through SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd:

For all employees that are considered essential personnel (janitors, engineers, child development lab workers, security, key administrators) and/or if your supervisor determines you should be included in this group at this time, you will continue coming to your work location daily as scheduled.

For all remaining faculty and staff, you will be asked to work from your home on Tuesday (March 17) through Friday (March 20).  On Monday (March 16), you will work with your supervisor to determine what work you will be able to complete from home during the week.  You will be paid for your full regular schedule the week of March 16 through March 20.

You may be eligible to work remotely after Friday, March 20, but in order to work remotely after Friday, March 20, employees must apply and be approved in accordance with our new Temporary Telework Policy (see below and attached).

We are still working out the technical details of electronic time reporting and other documentation related to payroll.  We will publish additional communication as quickly as processes are fully defined.   We ask that you make sure that you follow all deadlines related to Payroll.  This will ensure prompt and accurate payment.

Additionally, there are new temporary policies to help our employees deal with the impact of COVID-19 that will go into effect over the next two weeks:

COVID-19 Sick Leave Policy

City Colleges understands that this virus has caused many different concerns for employees as it relates to their paid time off (sick, vacation, personal, floating holidays) that is adding to the stress around these times.  Attached to this email is a new COVID-19 Sick Leave Policy.  This policy was approved by our Board of Trustees in an emergency board meeting today.  Please read the policy fully as it is extensive.

We need to stress that communication with your Supervising Manager and HR is a critical aspect of this policy to ensure it works for our employees while seeing to it that departments can operate at maximum efficiency.

If you utilize this policy, recording of time will be coordinated with HR and your Supervising Manager on an individual basis.  If you have any questions regarding this policy and/or are possibly one of the individuals that may need to utilize the benefits discussed in this policy, please send an email to, the new HR inbox, so that we can discuss individually and privately.


City Colleges of Chicago is introducing a new Temporary Telework Policy.  The intent of this policy is to provide a telework option for eligible employees.  This policy is not intended to serve as a permanent Telework Policy for City Colleges of Chicago.   To utilize this policy, you must complete the attached telework request form and have it approved by your supervisor and the Chief Talent Officer.   This policy is effective Monday, March 23.


Effective Tuesday, March 17 we will be shutting off the biometric aspect of our clocks.   For those employees that currently use the clocks, you will need to only select whichever function key you are using and then swipe your card.  Please note that there are hand sanitizer stations near every time clock. We are still working out the technical requirements related to telework participants but will have this resolved prior to the first day anyone can utilize this policy (March 23).

More details will follow.  Please continue to help inform our planning by sending employee-related questions to

Thank you,

Juan Salgado                                                              Carol Dunning

Chancellor                                                                  Chief Talent Officer

City Colleges of Chicago                                          City Colleges of Chicago